Sunday, 6 December 2015

The Meaning of Christmas

This morning my cousin tagged me in an old home video from Christmas over 15 years ago. It featured highlights of me running around with an uncontrollable amount of excitement, my brothers as awkward teens, and my mom going crazy getting dinner ready. The home video also featured some family members who are sadly no longer with us.

A lot changes when you lose key members of your family, the glue that kept everyone together begins to dissolve and we all start to get more and more distant as we get older. There was something so heartbreaking yet so fulfilling about seeing us all together like that as a family. It's been years since we were all together in that way. It's crazy to see the dynamic then, and think of the dynamic now and how family really does play a key role in your life. It really hits you that behind the big production that is Christmas, family is the core of it all and without family you wouldn't have much to celebrate. Things are quickly changing as we continue to get older, while we are missing a few beloved members of our family, our family is also growing in other ways. And while it's an adjustment I'm learning to make, the most important thing is that we embrace the family we have and cherish being together this time of year. That is the true meaning of Christmas.


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