Thursday, 15 January 2015

Getting Organized

For myself (and any other fellow uni students out there), the start of the new year also means the start of a new semester. This term I promised myself I'd stay on top of my readings and assignments. Really, time management overall is something I'd like to improve in 2015. Between work, school, blogging and time with friends and family I'd like to make adequate time for everything without stressing myself out. This is where organization comes into play.

Keeping a Planner -
I live out of my day planner, it is my savior. I won't lie to you I'm a bit of a freak when it comes to selecting the perfect day planner. It can't be too small, it can't have time slots, it must have a monthly overview etc. (I know, pathetic really) But I'm telling you, finding a day planner that works well for you will really help optimize your organization.

Setting Goals - 
This is something new I've started in the new year. At the start of each week I set a small goal for myself at the top of the page. This I've found has helped me complete pesky little tasks that do not necessarily need to be completed right away but would be nice to get out of the way. You could even set personal goals like "drink a litre of water every day this week!" or "wake up by 8am every day!"
Setting even the smallest goals like those really help to make you feel like you've accomplished something and you'll find you'll become increasingly more productive with your days as they go on!

To-Do Lists -
Ah, a good ole' to-do list. They can either make you feel proud and accomplished or like crap for having not crossed off a single task by the end of the day. This is why I set weekly to-do lists. It's inevitable that things come up throughout your day and some tasks are likely to be shoved aside. Instead of getting down that you didn't achieve as much as you prospected, give yourself the week or even a few days to accomplish it. I jot mine down on a little sticky note and keep it on the weekly overview in my planner, this way it is always in sight but not bound to a specific day of the week. Some planners even provide a section just for to-do lists!

I hope these baby steps can be of some help to some of you, and cheers to a more organized 2015!

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