Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Lush Holiday Goodies

Come Winter, nothing beats the cold like a nice warm bath. As per usual, Lush has out done themselves again with their Holiday range. There are so many new additions alongside the annual return of some of their Christmas classics. I tried to contain myself this round, because let's be honest this won't be the only batch of holiday goodies I'll be picking up from them this year. 

- Stardust: This bathbomb is a new addition to Lush's Christmas range, it has strong hints of vanilla and rosewood. I used it after I shot for this post and it was incredibly moisturizing and relaxing.

- The Magic of Christmas: This bubble bar is another new addition to the Christmas range. I absolutely love these bubble wands, and find they last much longer than the regular bubble bars. This truly makes your bath smell like your swimming in a tub of Christmas, with the strong cinnamon and clove scents. I also used this after I shot for this post, and although it is quite glittery it all seems to fade within the first use and there was next to no cleanup. It adds a nice golden colour to your bath as well.

- Yog Nog: This bathbomb is another new addition to the Christmas range. This has to be my favourite scent of the range it has such a rich, smooth toffee scent it smells absolutely delicious. This bathbomb also has soymilk and shea butter, perfect for keeping your skin smooth and soft this winter.

- Luxury Lush Pud: This bathbomb is making a return to the Christmas range this year. With the perfectly relaxing hints of lavender it's no wonder it's made it's way back into the range. 

Have you picked anything up from the Lush Christmas range this year?


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