Wednesday, 25 February 2015

What I Bought in London

Whilst I was tackling the chaos that is my suitcase, I had pulled together my purchases from my recent trip across the pond to England. I spent around 10 days exploring London and managed to rack up quite a hefty amount of goodies to bring back to Canada. (Not pictured: about 30 pounds of Cadbury and Maoams) I wanted to do the majority of my shopping in shops that we don't have over here. Shopping in London was definitely an experience, Oxford Circus is certainly an appropriate name to describe the atmosphere and crowds on a Saturday afternoon. As the GBP is nearly double the value of our Canadian Dollar, I had to be quite cautious with what I chose to spend my money on. That being said and as you can probably already guess - I headed straight to Primark. I fell in love. I was so pleasantly surprised to find semi casual tops that I could easily dress up or down for such great prices. I picked up a basic off white chiffon-esque tank top (£4) - perfect for layering, a sleeveless black high bunched neck top (£8) - I think this would look great paired under a leather jacket, a longer dolphin cut top with flowy sheer sleeves (£9), the softest oversized grey cardingan (£14), and a few other basics such as t shirts and long-sleeves.

Another shop on my must-visit list was Office. I have been lusting over their website for ages and had actually never known it had a shop I could visit on Oxford Street. I managed to scoop up these all leather chelsea boots in the sale (£52.50), this was most certainly my splurge purchase of the trip but seeing as their made in Spain and real leather I couldn't go wrong.

Finally, are a collection of bits and bobs. I hunted high and low for a Superdrug that carried Zoella's beauty range and finally, on a day trip to Brighton I was able to get my hands on her Fizz Bar (£5). I wandered through the rest of her range but the Fizz Bar was the item I had on my lust list from the start. I also picked up Ruth's Colab Dry Shampoo in the scent London and I have to say, I have never found a dry shampoo this good. It doesnt add any weight to your hair and also acts as a texturizing and styling spray. There is honestly nothing like it and for a mere £2 and change I am just kicking myself for not jamming my suitcase full of them. I have also been just dying to try the Barry M Gelly polishes as those too are unavaible in Canada. I bought the shades Lychee and Olive and I have had Lychee on my nails for around 8 days now and they are still going strong - couldn't be happier! Lastly, as part of my Primark overload I picked up these minimalist gold necklaces, each were £1.50 and I wore them almost everyday whilst I was there.

London treated me well, and I am already counting down the days until I can come back. Till then,

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